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More than three hundred joined Living Measure in raising enough money to save over five hundred lives...

More than two hundred guests joined Living Measure in raising enough money to save over five hundred lives from the fatal effects of malaria...


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ODETH Orphanage

L’Organisation pour Le Development de L’Etre Humain

ODETH: L’Organisation pour Le Development de L’Etre Humain (Organization for Human Development) was started in August 2005 as a group home for children who came from far neighborhoods to attend the sister school, *The Bryant Institute. The founder, Raymond Deronvil, wanted to provide all children with the opportunity to acquire the education and personal skills needed to grow into responsible adults who can make significant and lasting contributions to society.

On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti and left massive destruction and widespread uncertainty. Luckily, all the children of the ODETH home were unharmed, but the ODETH house was severely damaged. Raymond and the children spent the first couple of weeks sleeping outside in the yard under tents like the rest of the nation. Despite living in Haiti most of his life, Raymond Deronvil said he has seen nothing come close to this.

ODETH had 15 children before the earthquake. After the disaster, the population doubled. Even though there was no shelter for the existing children, with little food and no clean drinking water, Raymond could not leave the additional children he saw on the streets behind. They suffered enough pain after being trapped for days in the rubble of their own orphanage that collapsed from the earthquake. Still now on a daily basis, parents are asking Raymond Deronvil to take on additional children because they cannot provide basic needs for their children.

For now, home is a make shift shelter, made out of plywood and corrugated metal roofing. Upon visiting the area, the grim consequence of the earthquake is painfully evident. Lack of food, clean water, and health care leave the children to be subject to the harsh reality of Haiti’s new future. L’Organisation pour Le Development de L’Etre Humain needs your help in providing the basic necessities of life: food, water, health care, and shelter. So please help by donating to Living Measure today!

*The Bryant Institute, founded in 1996, is a private school serving 100 boys and girls from kindergarten through 9th grade.